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There is an ever growing need for quality foods by Top Institutions like Hotels, Restaurants, catering chains and retail chains in India. Empire Foods has emerged as a major player in the Frozen and chilled  Food segment as importer of quality marine foods and meat products from various parts of the world and distribute and market them in India.

Empire Foods introduced Basa Fish products in India in the year 2008 which has revolutionised the sea food consumption in the whole country. From a small consignment of 6 tons to start with, It now imports more than 3000 tons of Basa fish fillets annually and the demand is still increasing consistently. The Division is a market leader in India in Basa Fish sales having more than 40% off the market share in the country

Empire Foods also import Salmon Fish products from Norway,Denmark and Scotland. Salmon products imported by the division include Fillets and smoked salmons. These products are of Top Most quality in the world and hugely appreciated by Food Industry and retail chains across the country. The Division is also a Market leader in Salmon Fish product sales in India.

The Division is importing other items like Lamb Products from Australia and NewZealand, Duck Products from Thailand, Pork products from Holland and Spain etc. The Australian Lamb comes in Fletcher Brand and NewZealand Lamb is imported from SilverFern which produces probably the Best lamb rack in the world. The division is also an importer of Bacon, Ham, and many other fine food products from across the globe.

Empire Foods is also having business in some products which are procured within the country. The division procures a variety of sea food products from Eastern sea-coast of India which includes prawns and shrimps in different grades and sizes.

The Food Business has its major strength in its cold chain distribution throughout the country. It has its own employees and distribution at all the Metros and major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hydrabad, Pune, Gurgaon and Chandigarh. It Distributes products in other cities like Goa, Kochi, Jaipur, Lucknow, Bhubhaneshwar, Guwahati etc. through its distributor partners. In a nutshell, Empire Foods can deliver its products anywhere in India within a short notice and as and when required.

Empire Foods also operate its own private custom bonded warehouse. The products are imported and kept in duty free custom bonded warehouse till they are ready for sales. The division is also able to clear the goods under Duty Free SFIS ( Service from India Scheme ) License for its customers. All the Major Group of Hotels In India are using their SFIS license with Empire Foods and are getting their products at Custom Duty free prices.

The Empire Foods business has a great reputation in Food Industry for its innovation, service and consistency. As the food business has a huge potential to grow in India, this division is growing at a very rapid speed and shall become a Major contributor to Empire Industries Ltd in the years to come.

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