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EMT-MCAT Division has a strong representation of world-class manufacturers of Metal Cutting Tools for Turning, Milling, Mill Turn Centers, Boring, Drilling, Surface, Center less, Double Disc Grinding, Roll Grinding, EDT Machines, Profiling and High Precision Class Broaching - each characterized with state of the art technology.

This division maintains a high degree of Customer Service, recognizing this sole factor to be all important. Sales Engineers are backed by application engineers, CAD/CAM Software, High Speed Internet Access and Latest Digital Equipments. They are also supported by a fully trained and well equipped team of service engineers on an All India Basis. Regular advanced training, continuous knowledge building strategies, participation in world trade fairs, provision of latest technology and many other such tools are used to constantly keep ahead, with the objective of enhancing and improving customer service.

The sales and service team comprising of more than 60 people are stationed across 7 offices in India. EMT-MCAT Division deals with companies in countries such as Germany, Italy, Poland, Japan, USA, UK and Spain.

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