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Grabbit premium Vending Solution was launched in the year 2006 as a unique initiative by Empire Industries Limited and is respected nationwide as the pioneer and leader of Vending in India. Grabbit is the only national player in this industry with multiple branch offices at Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad.

GRABBIT provides premium food & beverage vending services to corporate offices, hotels, banks etc. through automated vending machines. GRABBIT promises easy access to hygienic, fresh, packed food and beverages on a 24x7 basis.

GRABBIT offers various kinds of vending machines like Snack & Cold Vending Machine etc. These vending machines offers all kinds of pre-packed snacks & beverages like wafers, biscuits, chocolates, soft drinks fruit juices, milk based beverages etc. The machines are installed & operational in corporate houses on a nominal operational charge levied per month.

Grabbit takes full responsibility of Product, Currency, Technical & Operational management. Grabbit ensures that the products reach the vending machine and are replenished immediately on a continuous basis. Grabbit manages availability of currency at its vending outlets to ensure flawless functioning. Grabbit maintains high standards of client care services through their 24X7 helpline, ensuring all machines are in perfect working condition. In a continuous effort to provide the highest levels of customer service.

During the year, Grabbit has introduced a range of various snacks under the brand name “SNAKPAK”. SNAKPAK is being sold through vending machines in all the five cities, where GRABBIT is presently operational. Grabbit has also introduced Sanitary Pad Vending Machine. This is being installed in the corporate houses. GRABBIT has shown a reasonable growth in the revenue from Operational Charges. Since last year, GRABBIT has added many reputed clients like Ernst & Young, Larsen & Toubro, LG Soft, Johnson & Johnson etc. by installing vending machine in their facility. GRABBIT has also signed agreements with the Brands, who are market leaders in their category like Parle, ITC, Pepsico, RedBull , Wrigleys etc. for the placement & branding of their product through vending machine. GRABBIT is expected to have reasonable growth in all aspects & do well in the current year also.

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